What is Brand Love?

Think about those companies you just absolutely couldn’t live without, that’s brand love.

Some brands have a bad reputation, and there are some brands we’re ambivalent about. Then there are the brands with a good reputation. But wouldn’t it be nice for your brand to be loved? Wouldn’t it be great for business if your customers didn’t just like you, but adored you?

Can’t think of a brand you love? Check out our list of the top ten most loved brands here to get an idea of what we mean.

Why is Brand Love important?

There’s nothing more valuable to a brand than its reputation.

When people love a brand, they aren’t just customers, they’re fans. They’re ambassadors. They’re loyal. They celebrate what you do and bring you not only repeat business but new business.

When your brand is loved, it sells itself.


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how to determine brand love

Some brands are poor, many are good, even fewer are great, and only the very top echelon of companies can legitimately be classed as loved. So, what do you need to achieve this cult status?

Well, there is certainly a misconception that a brand needs to be unique and innovative to be loved. This isn’t true! We know from our research that only 17 percent of people care about a brand’s individuality, whilst one in ten of us think being innovative matters.

The recipe for brand love all boils down to three elements:

  • values that align with its consumer’s values
  • close ties with the consumer’s identity
  • ability to become part of the consumer’s life

If you want us to take a look at how your brand is perceived and operates, get in touch now.

who we are

Brand Love is a product of Energy PR, an award-winning B2C and B2B PR agency.

We’re here to help you make brand love a reality for your company. We’re a bunch of PR and reputation experts with donkey’s years of experience in turning good brands to great brands and then into loved brands.

You can use the free resources on this site, or contact us for more personal Brand Love advice!

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How we can help you

with your Brand Love

As a team of brand and comms experts, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to making a business loved. If you are serious about improving your brand’s perception, standing out in the crowd and deepening relationships with your customer base, you are in the right place.

We will take a deep dive into your business, with a particular focus on five key areas:

  1. Doing ‘good’ – not just having a good offering (products, services, value, quality and price) but also making people feel good at the same time
  2. Business quality – delivering an unrivalled experience, every time
  3. Customer experience – understanding them, treating them well and valuing loyalty
  4. Value – offering good value, valuing the customer and sharing their values
  5. Authenticity – being trustworthy and authentic, standing for something, operating ethically

These elements are key to any business’ success, and are often something that a brand feels it has, when it doesn’t. Our unbiased and honest approach will help you understand what areas of your business can improve, and how to do it.

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