What is love? Yes, it’s an early 90s Haddaway hit that you now can’t get out of your head, but in terms of business communications and marketing, love can be hard to quantify.

John Lewis, Timpson, Morrisons, Porsche. Why do we love these brands? Are they deliberately cultivating the love of their customers? How do they do it? Is it witchcraft, or is it science?

Brand Love is real and you can measure it

These were the questions we asked ourselves when we first started looking into Brand Love, and you’ll be pleased to learn that, after an enormous amount of research and head scratching, we determined that yes, Brand Love is quantifiable. (If you’d like to get into the nitty gritty, click the link at the end of this blog post.)

Why should you be happy about that? Well, as business mogul Peter Drucker once said, “that which can be measured can be improved”. So, the first step to you cultivating your own Brand Love is to understand Brand Love through and through.

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What Brand Love isn’t

Firstly, it’s easy to mistake customer apathy for customer loyalty. Just because you are the most convenient, or what your customer is accustomed to, does not mean they love you.

What Brand Love is

Brand Love is more than just unquestioning customer loyalty, Brand Love is when customers act as ambassadors spreading the enthusiasm for the brand among their friends and family. It’s when customers feel understood and identify with a brand. It’s when customers can easily sum up a brand’s purpose and values, and know for certain that the products and services they are buying are of a quality and value that they expect.

Summing up…

So, now you’ve got a taste for what Brand Love is, you can probably see why brands like John Lewis and Timpson are held with such high regard. Their products are of consistent quality, they have a clear identity, they are clear about both who they are for, and who they are not for, and have values that customers can understand and relate to.

Learn more

Check out our Brand Love Report for a more in depth look at what exactly makes a brand loved by its customers.

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